We are going above and beyond the ADA recommendations

We want you to know that we are taking extra precautions to keep our team and patients as safe as possible. 

The Governor has allowed us to see elective/non-emergent patients as long as we follow the ever-changing ADA guidelines. We plan on continuing to follow the ADA guidelines and have taken extra steps of our own.

Rest assured knowing that the extra precautions go well above what the ADA has recommended and we will continue to keep abreast of the new recommendations as they arise.

Below are some of the changes we've made to the office so you feel confident coming to your dental visit. 

COVID Protocols Around the Office

Changes for our patients

  • All patients and guest (parent, guardian etc.) are required to wear a mask in the office until you are in the operatory and one of our team members lets you know it is okay to remove your mask. As we are following the ADA guidelines and are considered a medical facility, masks are mandatory until further notice.
  • Patient pre-screening form must be filled out prior to your appointment.
  • Patient screening will be done upon arrival (temperature, questionnaire, etc.) 
  • If you are accompanying a patient to their appointment, you will be required to go through the same screening precautions. 
  • Patients are asked to stay in their vehicle and text or call the office when you arrive. We have numbered parking spots along our building for your convenience.  
  • One of our team members will come outside to greet you and bring you into the office.
  • Bring as little as possible in the office, no food or drinks are allowed at this time.
  • We ask that patients limit visitors coming with them for their appointment. 

Patient safety protocol implemented around the office

  • Extra-oral high-speed suction machine for each operatory to use when doing aerosol procedures.
  • Employees are screened daily for temperature and symptoms including contact tracing daily.
  • HEPA vacuum used in cleaning carpets.
  • Regular cleaning of commonly high-touched areas to be disinfected (doorknobs, switches, counter tops, etc)
  • Multiple air purifying HEPA filters running constantly.
  • Germicidal UV lights in each HVAC system.

Added Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) 

  • N95 masks available for all team members
  • Surgical mask over N95
  • Face shield
  • Hair cap (optional)
  • Fluid resistance gown
  • 80% ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer
  • Eye protection
  • Footwear for internal use only
  • Germicidal UV-C Lightbox to sterilize items
  • Non-ozone producing UV-C lights for office use

There is so much more that we do already in efforts of keeping our patients and team members safe, these are just the highlight!

If you have any questions, just ask! We will be happy to answer them for you.