Business Team

Our brilliant business team is here to make your visit stress-free when discussing finances, scheduling, and opportunities. They each have cheerful and helpful dispositions.

  • Frances - Team Leader

    Frances brings a big smile and incredible leadership to the Dovetail Team. Not only does she enjoy working with patients to help them find a treatment plan that will work within their budgets, but also she enjoys leading the team and helping each team member learn how to better communicate with each other.  Frances is an impressive problem solver and independent thinker and we are proud to call her our Team Leader! When she is not at the office, Frances can be found doing DIY projects at her new home, working out, spending time with her husband, and playing with her dog.

  • Ann - Appointment Coordinator

    Our intrepid appointment coordinator moved to New Hampshire from Minnesota in 2001, where she and her husband had owned and operated businesses in the hospitality industry. She has been in the dental field for several years, where her love of learning and the enjoyment she finds in helping others have served her well. Ann has earned an M.Ed. in counseling and personnel services.

  • Krystle - Insurance Coordinator

    Krystle's love for people is evident in every interaction with our patients. From simple answers to researching details of insurance policies, she helps each individual with a smile and a sweet spirit. Her other passions include her professional photography (check out her stuff here), kayaking, and spending time with her husband and two little girls. Krystle completed Invisalign orthodontics and you can watch her Invisalign behind the scenes footage on Facebook.

  • Jennifer - Business Coordinator

    The blending of Jennifer’s interest in science, love for people, and her passion for small business makes Dovetail a perfect fit for her lifestyle.  After graduating from college in Wisconsin, she moved back to the area and settled in Manchester, NH.  Whether she is working with her church youth group, traveling the world, or visiting with family; she is always on the go. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her husband, traveling, and spending time with her two young children. Hardworking and determined, Jennifer goes above and beyond to elevate her team.